Only Mine

“Hey, friend!”

Sarah looked up from her phone to see who called her. The snake’s here. Shut your real self, Sarah. Own the stage.

Sarah beamed at Macy. “Hello, Mace! I thought you were not going to come!” She put her hands on her chest and pouted.

“I will never ever do that to you, Sarah!”

I know, naïve woman.

“Well, Mace, take a seat. I ordered your usual!”

Macy couldn’t hide her surprise that the popular, “down-to-earth”, unattainable star Sarah knew her favorite coffee. The waiter put down their orders and Sarah leaned on the table.

“How’s it going with Luke? Any sweet happenings this weekend, huh?” Sarah asked.

Sarah could see Macy’s cheeks blushing. Do it, Sarah! Don’t you dare falter your smile!

“Nothing happened, Sarah. We’re just happy with what we are and what we’re doing for now.”

Ugh! Too sweet and too shy for him!

“At least, you’re still good. But, honey, I hate to break this. I have some not-so-pretty good news.” Sarah bit her lip and made her eyes look concerned.

Macy’s eyebrows draw in out of confusion. Before she can ask what it was, Sarah interrupted.

“A friend told me Luke was seeing her ex, Jona. She even told me that when you were not together, Luke was with her. I don’t know if they’re doing things but my friend told me they did. Remember the frat party you didn’t attend to but he still came? He saw Jona there and some people just witnessed them going to a bedroom. I’m really sorry, Macy but I think you should know because I hate it when boys do this behind our backs! Those cheaters and bastards!” Sarah gasped, exaggeratedly.

Macy bit her lip down so hard blood can come. Sarah can see her eyes as it began to water. Excellent job, Sarah! An Oscar for you!

“I don’t believe it. Your friend don’t even have evidence..”

“Oh, Mace, that’s why I want to talk to you. Here, take a look.”

Mace took Sarah’s phone and stared at the photos and watch the video in which she heard a woman’s voice and a deep husky male voice that was definitely from Luke, panting and screaming.

“I’m so sorry, Mace but please don’t tell anyone I told you this. Please, Mace. I’m just concerned.” Sarah gave Mace a sad smile and she nodded.

Sarah was drinking her coffee while Mace grabbed her own phone from her bag.

“Thank you, Sarah. I just can’t believe that… he would… I just can’t… I’m sorry, I have to go.”

Sarah nodded and told her she understood. Mace began to stand up while she held her phone in her ear. Before Mace can even walk out the café, Sarah heard her hissing voice.

“You’re going to regret this, Luke. I swear, you will..”

Sarah looked at Macy’s car as it began to leave the parking lot. She then took out a notebook from her bag and started to write.

“Dear Day,

Finally got rid of that naïve trash. Let me remind you again that I will never stop crashing his relationship until he’s mine. And as long as I’m not his, I will make both of their worlds miserable at its best. Love you!

Queen Sarah

P.S. If I can’t have him, then no one else can, will, shall, and should. :x”


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