“What are we, Clare? Answer me! I’m sick of playing games with you. I want to know if all of these hell that I’m doing and showing means something to you!”

Clare’s lips began to quiver. She bit it so hard it could bleed. Her world started to crumble and in the verge of shattering. She loved him so much but she was not still sure. After being abused physically and emotionally by his father, Clare couldn’t think she could trust another man. She kept thinking he was different. But she was afraid he will be another figure of her own father.

“ I… Ky, I don’t.. I don’t know..”

“Damn it, Clare!”

Clare’s confusion began to shift as her anger and fury began to emerge. She hated and blamed her father for making her feel she couldn’t trust anyone, she hated Ky for pressuring her and she hated herself for the fear she was having.

“I said I don’t know, Ky! If you can’t wait then back the hell off! I don’t think I can trust another man after what my father did to me! I thought it was you but hell, Ky! I’m so scared, so scared you might become him!”

Clare’s eyes went wide and she clamped her mouth with her hands. She didn’t mean to hurt Ky but her rage and Ky pushed her to the edge. Ky flinched but his expression softened.

“I will never hurt you, Clare. God knows I will give my life for you. I’m tired of loving someone who I don’t even know if she loves me back. I’m sick of waiting for so long, Clare. I’ve been waiting for you. I’ve been wanting you.”

Clare suddenly took interest in her shoes. She didn’t want to hurt Ky. She loves him so much but she didn’t know if she was ready yet. The pain was still fresh like open wounds. She looked into Ky’s eyes and finally made her decision. But before she can speak, Ky interrupted.

“I love you, Clare. So much sometimes it hurts.”

Ky’s eyes begin to water and Clare’s heart shattered at hearing those three words. She knew this was the time to say it back. To finally be free from the past. But something’s holding her. She believed she needed to fix this herself and come to Ky at the right time where everything seemed perfect.

Ky took Clare’s hand to hug her but she snatched it away.

“I’m sorry, Ky.”

Clare turned around and ran away. Giving her broken soul a thought that this was for the best and leaving Ky devastated and hopeless.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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