Still Into You

Saph can’t breathe. She was fidgeting with her hand on her lap. The piano tune of the hotel lounge was doing nothing in her anxiousness. Sure they were talking on the phone or using internet software to communicate but seeing Saph’s sister after five years in person was entirely different! And what was that? She was now engaged!

Saph took her phone from her bag while muttering. “What’s taking them so long?

As if the fate heard her, Jade stepped out from the elevator, looking for her. Saph stood up and beamed.


Jade turned around and saw Saph. She then rushed toward her with open arms.

Oh my god, Saph! I missed you so much! Oh god, you’ve grown!

Jade hugged Saph tightly and kissed her forehead. Saph can’t believe her sister was now in front of her. She was lost for words.

Goodness, Jade! I missed you too! But I will not celebrate first for some reasons!” Saph gave Jade a fake disappointed look.

Why? Aren’t you happy to see me?

No, not that. It’s because you wouldn’t let me know your fiancé’s name and you wouldn’t let me meet him all by myself especially since he’s just living here in our town!

Then there would be no fun and excitement!” Jade beamed and Saph can’t help but to smile.

Saph glanced at her phone’s clock. She needed to go to Xander to tell him some things. It’s been five months now since they broke-up. But one day, Xander crossed path with Saph and admitted things about their relationship. Instead of saying the same thing, since she had always been in love with Xander, she walked away as the pressure tightened in her throat and chest. After that unexpected meeting, they hadn’t talked for two months.

Saph knew it was also her fault. She was easily convinced that Xander cheated because of the evidences. Xander denied everything and told her he loved her, always been her. But anger and pride consumed Saph. She left him even if she didn’t want to. It hurt so bad it affected her in any way possible. She believed in them.

Now, Saph wanted to just spill the truth. She hated that Xander stopped fighting for them but she knew it was her to blame. It was time to make her move this time. And she will make sure that the trust she will give this time will not get easily crumbled.

Where is he, Jade? I’m really sorry but I have an errand.

Oh, yeah. He said he’s coming.” Jade looked around. “Actually, he’s here. Honey! Over here!

That was when Saph’s world began to blur. The impact of what was happening was so hard she began to fall hard. Literally. Jade snatched her arm before she even hit the floor.

Oh god, are you okay, Saph?

She can’t breathe. The fate was really absurd on her. Her heart began to feel like fresh stitches just came undone. Pain and ache began to hit her. Saph was trying so hard not to shed a single tear. She then breathed deeply and faced Jade.

These heels are killing me!

Saph stood up straight and leveled her eyes with Jade’s fiancé.

Saph, this is my future loving husband, Xander and Xander this is my lovely sister, Saph.

Saph shook his hands casually.

Finally! It was nice, uh, meeting you, uh, Xander.

Xander’s face was unreadable. He took her hand and she swore she felt a buzz. Their hands lingered a little longer before Saph broke it. “Same here.

That voice. That deep, husky and manly voice. Saph can’t take this revelation. She then huffed and turned to Jade.

Jade, I’m really sorry but I’m kind of late to my errand. I’ll see you both next time. I’m sorry. I’ll just take a cab.” She kissed her cheeks and walked away. Jade called her.

Wait, Saph. Uh, sure. Let’s reschedule. But let Xander escort you..

No! No, I’m fine, I will just hail..

No. And that’s final. Xander, honey, can you please lead Saph outside? I’ll just talk to the restaurant representative to pull out Saph’s reservation. I’ll wait for you there, okay? And Saph, take care. Call me when you get home.” Jade kissed her cheeks and Xander’s lips. Jealousy hit Saph. Why didn’t she just say what she wanted to say the last time they saw each other?

Xander looked at Saph. “After you.

They didn’t talk on their way out. Xander hailed a cab and opened the door for Saph.

It was nice seeing you again, Saph.” Xander’s lip curved upward. He was walking away and Saph knew she needed to say it. It was too late now but she just needed to let this go out of her system.

Hey, Xand.” Xander stopped and slowly turned and looked into Saph’s eyes.

Congratulations.” Saph said half-heartedly. Xander nodded once and began to turn around again when Saph spoke.

And one more thing, Xand. Just one more thing.

Xander looked at her and put his hands in his pockets. Saph deeply breathed out.

I still love you.” Saph gave him a tight smile and entered the cab, not wanting to see his reaction.

The cab moved forward, leaving Saph’s mind clouded and heart broken. Again.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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