Never Letting Go

Max saw her smiling and put her hands around the neck of this boy who should have been him. She was so happy he couldn’t stop looking. She didn’t know that Max had been following her after all these three years. Stalker-ish act, he knew but he just didn’t care. When she gave her heart to him but he messed it up because of jealousy that lead him to sleep with another woman, Max will just do anything to earn her everything again. And this time, he will make sure to give her the best of what he got, even if he had a broken self.

She looked so beautiful like a goddess. One day, she will be back into his arms. He will make sure it will happen. He will wait even until forever. He guessed that’s the price he shall pay.

Max turned around and walked away with small light of hope flickering inside him and a burning flame of faith.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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