Unexpected Kiss

Hey, Chloe. There’s this thing I’ve been wanting to do. I hope you don’t mind.

And what is that, Paul?

Paul grabbed his best friend’s face and their lips touched tentatively. He swiped his tongue on her lower lip and she made an intake a breath. Chloe gave way and pushed out her tongue to meet Paul’s hungry one.

The air suddenly became hot and wet. Chloe clutched his shirt and Paul was gripping her waist, pulling towards him.

Their kiss was passionate and they both explored each other’s mouth, memorizing the paths. Soon, Chloe opened her eyes and shoved Paul away from her.

Why would you do that, Paul?!

Paul was shocked as he thought she was enjoying it. He was blinking rapidly. Chloe’s eyes went wide and she touched her swollen pink lips with her hands. A grin appeared on her face and Paul looked confused.

Screw it!” Chloe exclaimed happily.

This time, she reached for him and clasped her hands around his neck and they both melt in a kiss their lips been waiting for a long time.


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