If You’re Here

Grace set down the shoe box filled with heartwarming letters on her side. She laid on the grass and stared at the beautiful blue sky. The sun was beaming at her face and she smiled. She looked at her side, filled with fresh different bouquets of flowers. She closed her eyes and inhaled deeply and the scent of nature woke her.

Grace suddenly sat up straight and snapped her finger. She took out her MP3 player from her bag and played a pop song.

“Hey, Samantha, remember when we danced whenever where so happy we can’t contain our excitement?” She asked her sister.

Silence greeted her but she wiggled her eyebrows and stood up. She began to sway her hips, clapped her hands and belt out the lyrics of the song. When the song ended, she laughingly exhaled.

Grace sat down and brought her knees to her chin. She looked at her sister’s cold grave stone and smiled sadly.

“If you’re just here, Sam. If you’re just here.”


Photo credits to the owner.

let me hold your words before you leave;

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