Jen rushed inside her boyfriend’s house after her best friend, Jack, called her. She called his name while looking for him and found him in the kitchen floor. Blood sprawled out from his body and a knife was stuck in his side. Jenny screamed and rushed to him to tap his cheeks and check his vital signs. All she got was his pale cheeks and non-responding pulse beats. She grabbed her phone to call 911 when the kitchen door opened.

Jen stood up and looked at Jack. She went to him and hugged him but he didn’t hug her back. Tear flowed to her cheeks. She stepped backward and told Jack to call 911 when she heard a metallic sound against the kitchen floor behind Jack’s feet and found a knife with blood.

Jen clamped her mouth with her hands and stepped away from Jack as he smiled, reaching his eyes.

“I just love you so much, Jen. So much.”


Photo credits to the owner.

2 thoughts on “Obsession

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    1. I was imposing that Jack would like to stuck knives to Jen’s boyfriend (in each space where he stabbed him earlier) but then he heard her rushing to the door so he hid, taking away that chance. This piece was a bit confusing, I believe. Still, thank you very much b00kreader! 🙂


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