On the Road

Christian beamed at the red velvet box on the passenger’s seat. He knew today would be the perfect day. He was scared she might declined him but he did his best to focus his visions to the positive sides. Her warm and gentle smile, her soothing and lovely laugh and everything about her. She was just perfect. Nothing will go wrong. He will make sure of it. They both loved each other. And today, he will make it as special as the many remarkable and sweet first times they had.

Christian looked at the road, still smiling. He was so excited to say those four magical words. He zoned out for a little when he noticed the stoplight turned red.

Christian pressed the brake pedal but it was too late. A deep impact crashed at his side and the last things he heard were the shattering of glass, loud screams and the voice of his supposed-to-be-wife, telling “I love you. Forever.” before he drifted away from the world.


Photo credits to the owner.

let me hold your words before you leave;

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