The Secret of Laure

Parker was giving Laure a big smile. He really looked happy it hurt to see. Laure was smiling on the outside for Parker but half of her inside was melting and the other was grieving. Parker and Laure were open to one another. They have been best friends since third grade. It was funny how people always said they were meant for each other. It was nothing in Parker’s eyes. But it was everything to Laure.

Didn’t mean that you were open to one another, you will reveal every single thing. Laure kept a few secrets to herself. She was afraid that it if came out, her world will just change. Though she expected it, she was so sure it will be different once it was in front of her. It was for the best that Parker would be oblivious to the “feelings” of the one who was around him for almost all the time.

Parker sat down the bouquet of red roses. “So, what should I buy?”

Laure was helping Parker to buy flowers for Kate, the girl he was wooing and her elder sister. Parker and Kate had the same age while Laure was a year younger than both of them. It was odd that Parker became closer to Laure than Kate.

Nowadays, Parker was often in their house. Not that Laure was not excited and happy to see and drool over him but he wasn’t there because of her. And we all know who he has been visiting. While Parker and Kate were talking, Laure was in her room, daydreaming of what if she was the one Parker’s been visiting or receiving his flowers and poetries. One day, Laure told herself to shut down the feelings she was having for Parker. Until today, there was no success.

Laure glanced around the flower shop. She was looking for Alstroemeria, representing friendship, for Kate. She was either bitter or angry towards Kate for being the superior ones, as always and Parker for being so damn blind. Instead, she stopped in front of the bouquet of vibrant colors. Parker recognized the flowers.

Tulips? Are you sure?” He asked while laughing lightly.

Laure rolled her eyes. “Of course! Parker, did you research at least the symbols of common types of flowers? Boys should know it! Well, because since you are “courting” the lady. Yes, roses mean love but isn’t too traditional to give Kate roses? And I think Tulips are the perfect one for you. They mean ‘declaration of love’ ” She winked at him.

Parker reached for the bouquet, giving Laure a chance to breath in his scent. It was spicy with a touch of ocean water. A new perfume, she guessed. She closed her eyes and sniffed him once again.

Parker turned around and confusedly asked. “Did you just sniff me?

Laure abruptly opened her eyes and found Parker’s face inches away from her, noses almost touching. She stepped back, nearly knocking the vase behind her but Parker got it before it even fell.

N..No..N..N… No! Of course not! Why would.. Uh.. Why would I do that? I was sniffing the flowers, not you! As if I’m going to do that to you!” She faked her irritated look and glared at Parker. She crossed her arms and rolled her eyes when Parker was still smiling. “Stop it, Parker. It’s not funny. I’m going to go now.” She was about to walk away when hands grabbed her arm.

Okay, I’m sorry. I’m just asking you know. No need to be a drama queen. And besides, we’re going to go now. I’m just going to buy these Tulips you chose. Wait for me now.” He said.

Parker let go of her arm and went to the cashier to pay for the bouquet. Laure’s body felt like thawed ice. The feeling of the soft pressed and strong hands was still lingering on her skin. She touched the part where Parker grabbed her and brought it to her face. She sniffed that part. She can’t believe that even his hands had a scent of that spicy, ocean water perfume. Her insides began to heat. That damn perfume was like an aphrodisiac!

Parker came back in front of her still with a warm smile plastered on his face. “Okay, let’s go.

They went outside the parking lot and to his car. Laure reached for the passenger’s door the same time Parker reached and their hands overlapped. Laure turned around and looked at Parker’s eyes. His dark blue eyes became darker and sexier. Laure felt the hard build of his body, like protecting her from any harm. A silence passed before Laure broke the spell.

I… I… got… I got it.” She said breathlessly and opened the door, getting inside fast. Parker went to the other side and started the car. The awkward tension hovered between them. Parker broke it when he smiled and turned to look at Laure. “Thanks, Lau. Next time, let’s get her a gift. I don’t know what to give her so I will ask you to come with me again, alright? No more arguments. You’re going to come.” He finished.

Laure found herself smiling. “Alright. But next time, buy me some snacks! Doesn’t mean we can’t now because we’re late, you’re not going to do it next time.” She said, pointing her finger to him and Parker laughed.

It was a deep and rich laugh. The kind of laugh that was epidemic. The one that will make you feel that feeling of falling and the sound as same as your favorite song that you can’t stop listening to.

They stopped in front of her house. It was a nice, two-floor house with green lawn, white fence and light green paint. Parker stepped out of the car and went to Laure’s side. He opened it and offered his hand. Laure took it. “Thank you, Mr. Parker. Your errand is done. You may go.” She raised his chin up and gave Parker a shooing motion. Parker gave another laugh and shook his head.

Not yet, Ms. Laure. You’re still going to help me with your dearest sister, Kate.” He said, raising his chin up as well.

A pain slashed through Laure’s inside but she kept herself composed on the outside. She gave Parker a smile that she hoped genuine enough.

Okay, Mr. Parker. Lead the way or you’re going to lose your chance to my sister.” She said.

They walked away from the car and in the house. Before Laure even grabbed the door knob, Parker stopped her.

Hey Lau.

She looked at him, confused.

Thank you. For everything.” He leaned in and put a sweet and warm kiss on her cheeks and hugged her. Laure stood frozen and shocked as the hot feeling began to creep her body. Parker smiled at her and took the door knob. He entered the house and called for Kate. Kate rushed from her bedroom door to greet Parker. Parker gave the flowers and Kate’s eyes twinkled like a damn shining star. She hugged Parker tightly and they went to the living room.

Laure watched all of these. Her moods were rushing from her, all different. She was excited, happy, glad, angry, hating, furious, tired, exhausted and defeated. Before she can even stop it, a tear came out of her eye and she swiped it away. She was still standing on the front door like her feet were nailed to the spot.

Laure traced her hand to the part where Parker just kissed her. She can feel the softness of his pink lips. She thought about it and a tingling feeling greeted her insides. She sighed, not knowing what to feel.

She raised her head to look inside the house. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to come inside and see the soon-to-be-happy-couple. She was so sure she will be on the blue if she see them. She made a decision, then.

Laure turned around and walked away from the door, away from the house, away from the soon-to-be-forever-happy-couple, away from the ache and pain inside her even for a while and especially, away from the one she loved so much she will just do anything to keep him happy.

Laure left them all behind. Even if it’s just for now. But she will forever keep that feeling of warm, gentle and sweet lips on her cheek. That feeling of soothing and genuine hug. That feeling of suppleness and caressing hand. That feeling of melting from a heavenly sound. That feeling of electricity whenever the presence was around. And so much more that involves a man who when he looked into his best friend’s eyes see a loving sister and nothing more.

Above all those supreme feelings, Laure knew that these things and these feelings are the ones she thought she will never ever have from her “best friend”.


Photo credits to the owner.

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