I’ve Had Enough

I’m tired of being used by the people I wholeheartedly love but didn’t even acknowledge it. I’m tired of sleeping at nights, not knowing what tomorrow awaits. I’m tired of doing my best in just everything but receives nothing in return. I’m tired of my practiced joyful expressions and acts, knowing I’m betraying my real self. I’m tired of looking in the mirror, so different from that soul living inside. And to be honest, I’m tired of having my shadow as my one and only true friend.

I stopped at the edge of the cliff. Everything in front of me is so beautiful and wonderful. Everything in this landscape feels like it has a heart, beating ecstatically. I want to be just like that. Excited and happy, never gloomy.

I spread my arms and look in the sky as I whisper.

“Take me.”

I smile and I step forward. There, everything I need to be greets me, telling me it is my new home.


Photo credits to the owner.

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