Loving Eli (Eli and Mia #1)

Author’s Note: I will be making a short story series. This is the first story from the series. This is from Mia’s POV. Visit this link http://wp.me/P461Zd-36 for the complete series and check out my “DOWNLOADS” page if you want to have an EPUB or PDF copy. Thank you for your support!


No, I didn’t lose. I didn’t lose at all. My wicked sister may be thinking that she took home the precious price above everything but she was so wrong.

My husband, Mike and I were standing in front of them. Sarah still looked like an evil dark witch. The way her “sexy” red dress hugged her body showed her curves that will make any man fantasize about her. I was never envious of her. She may have that jet black wavy hair, curvy lips and silky looking face on the outside but she will never have those looks on the inside. She was wearing that smirk again. I swear if Mike wasn’t holding my hand, I’m going to slap that witch.

But I controlled myself. Because he was also there, standing in front of me and beside Sarah and he was staring right into my eyes. I haven’t seen him in a year and, shit, he looked so good today. He still has those bright blue eyes, pinkish and sexy lips, slightly pointed nose, thick black eyelashes and the hard angles that formed his face. The way his tux fitted his body made my legs shake a little. But I have to remind myself for millionth times that I was married and I can’t have Eli. Ever.

I smiled, hoping it was genuine enough and round my hands in Mike’s arm. I place my right hand on top of my left, flashing them the expensive wedding ring I was wearing. I looked at Mike and kissed his lips, seductively. I turned to see Eli’s jaw hardened and Sarah’s eyes rolled.

“It’s nice to see you both. Right, Mike?” I asked.

“Yeah and why didn’t you come to our wedding?” Mike was asking the couple.

I looked at Eli and when I stared at his determined eyes, I was on the verge of breaking down. Two years had passed and I can still remember the way he didn’t listen to any of my explanations when he found me sleeping next to his best friend’s bed and the way he told me I was like the others, a cheap trash.

He can’t come to that party that night because of a business meeting but he promised me before that we’ll both come. I was pissed off that night and drank a lot. But I was not wasted, making it enough proof that his best friend, Kyle, and I didn’t do it. I felt like it was a setup. Because Kyle was so close to my sister. And that little witch was eye-fucking Eli all the time. What an organized plan, right?

“Mike, honey, maybe it’s because of my sister’s pride. Right, Sarah?” I looked at Sarah and raised my eyebrow. I curled my lips. She clenched her teeth and answered.

“I think so, little sis…”

“Oh, big sis, I know so.” I winked at Sarah and saw that the color of her face matched her dress. I turned to Eli.

The way Eli’s eyes were clouded right now was putting me in the thought that marrying Mike should be a regret. But no. I loved Mike, truly loved him. But I don’t love him through the heart and soul because the only one I ever loved through those two things was now standing in front of me and married to my sister.

The fate was a big witch too. I’ve been trying and doing my best to forget about what happened in the past but here it was. I swallowed and felt that the waters began to form in my eyes. Sarah’s hands snaked through Eli’s arms, flashing their wedding ring. I closely looked at the wedding ring and pain sliced through me. That was the wedding ring I’ve been wanting from Eli.

Eli never broke his eye contact to me. I can’t breathe and I need air but I kept my composure. I closed my eyes and breathe deeply. I opened them and Sarah’s lips pouted and her eyes were doing that puppy thing. She fluttered her eyelashes and mouthed “mine” at me. I clenched my teeth so hard and I can’t breathe. I need to get out of here.

“Well,” I started, hoping my voice didn’t break. “We’ll go ahead now. Have fun with your dinner. Let’s catch up sometimes.”

Sarah answered. “I would love that, little sis!” She gasped mockingly, putting her hand on her chest. I was trying to hold myself a little longer because I swear to Heavens I can kill her. Right. Now. She turned to Eli and kissed him hard on those sexy lips before saying “Isn’t that great, honey? Them inviting us?”

Eli looked at me again. He finally spoke. “Yes it is. We’ll see you soon.” He nodded.

That voice. God, that rich, raspy and sexy voice. I missed it. I missed him. Everything about him and everything we do. But now, I can’t. I think I can’t.

I nodded and muttered “let’s go” to Mike. I need to go now or the tears will start to rush out.

“Good night to both of you and have fun. We’ll go now.” Mike said.

I raised my head and walked at Eli’s side but I abruptly stopped as he whispered the three words I’ve been dying and I’ve been scared to hear.

“I missed you.” He whispered.

I closed my eyes and began to walk faster, still holding Mike’s arms. I opened them and walked until we were in front of his car. Mike put his hands on my cheeks.

“Are you okay, Mia?” His voice coated with concern.

“I’m fine. Let’s go home.” I smiled a little and he opened the passenger’s door of the car. I’ve been told that I’m a masochist and I believed it. Here’s why. For the last time this night, I turned around at the restaurant and found them staring at us. Sarah with that wicked grin, waved her hand a little and mouthed “bye” while Eli was staring stoically. I looked away or else I will start to vision myself again with Eli.

We drove to our house silently. And I thank the silence because I got the chance to think things. Things that will only make my world upside down. I tried to stop myself but I can’t. Because until now, I love Eli. And I don’t think that will ever change.

So I didn’t lose at my sister at all. I smiled at the thought. She may have won Eli but she will never ever win the love of Eli, the one I know he’s still having. For me.


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