Losing Mia (Eli and Mia #2)

Author’s Note: Greetings, fellow readers! This is the second part of my short story series from Mike’s POV. Visit this link http://wp.me/P461Zd-36 for the complete series and check out my “DOWNLOADS” page if you want to have an EPUB or PDF copy.  Thank you for your support and happy reading! 🙂

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I was scared I might lose her. I couldn’t see myself living this life without her. Ever since I first laid my eyes on her, I was captivated. Her long and wavy black hair, her plump lips, her brown eyes and her goddess-like features. She has been just beautiful and amazing.

Now standing in front of her sister and her past, that fear was hovering my insides. I swallowed hard and felt my throat dried. I held her hand and gave a light squeeze. She didn’t squeeze back. She was so focused on Eli. I glanced at her and caught a hint of sadness and love in her eyes. Shit, that hurt.

After a lifetime passed, I felt Mia’s hands wrapped around my arms. I noticed that she flashed our wedding ring. I can’t help but to smile as it triggered my pride. I looked at Eli and smirked, knowing he can’t have who he wanted and even if he did until now, Mia no longer had that same feeling. Well, maybe. The way she was smiling now, maybe what I saw earlier was just her “friendly love” look for Eli. Maybe she will not leave me after all. Besides, we were already married. I will not let anyone break through us. I loved her and this marriage a lot. I will do everything to save it. If it needed saving.

I was stunned when Mia kissed me hard on my lips. Damn if those lips weren’t edible and luscious. I kissed her back, passionately even if I knew Eli and Sarah were standing in front of us. She broke the kiss and smiled. I returned that same beam.

“It’s nice to see you both. Right, Mike?” She asked.

“Yeah and why didn’t you come to our wedding?” I asked the couple. I had this theory in my mind. Maybe they didn’t attend the ceremony because of Eli. As I looked to him, I saw he clenched his jaw and his eyes burning. I narrowed my eyes at him. And that answered my theory. The fucker still love my wife.

“Mike, honey, maybe it’s because of my sister’s pride. Right, Sarah?” Mia answered.

I saw Sarah gritted her teeth before she answered. “I think so, little sis..”

“Oh, big sis, I know so.” Mia winked at her sister and Sarah obviously was enraged but was just holding herself. Mia told me the story behind her and her sister’s quarrel. Apparently, it was the fucker’s fault. From what I heard, the fucker got into relationship with Sarah after Mia because of her betrayal. What made me furious was that the fucker didn’t even give Mia a chance to explain. But at the same time, I was damn happy. If that didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have Mia today. But I would be lying if I wasn’t going to tell that Mia hadn’t move on yet. I still saw it in her eyes. And it pained me to see her longing for Eli even if I was doing my best to make her happy. Then maybe the look Mia gave earlier wasn’t “friendly love”. I really hoped it was.

I knew I needed to trust her but in this case, doubts were beginning to come. I loved Mia. So much. But I deserved to be married as a husband and lover, not a trophy or a rebound.

Sarah smiled and wrapped her hands around Eli’s arms, doing the same thing Mia did. As Sarah flashed her wedding ring, I felt Mia stiffened beside me. I wondered why. Was it because Sarah did the same thing she did or was it because she was still hurting? God, that really was a hell of a pain.

I turned to Mia and saw her eyes closed and she was breathing deeply. Eli was staring at my wife like she was the greatest sculpture he’s ever seen! If Mia wasn’t beside me, fists would have flown at the moment. I caught Sarah’s mouth formed “mine” as she looked at Mia. I didn’t like how Sarah always treated Mia but this time, I was on her side. I liked the fact that she was marking her possessions. And as far as I knew, I was doing the same.

Mia spoke and I noticed that her voice cracked. “Well, we’ll go ahead now. Have fun with your dinner. Let’s catch up sometimes.”

“I would love that, little sis!” I caught the sarcasm covering Sarah’s voice. She turned to Eli and kissed him. After the kiss, she asked Eli. “Isn’t that great, honey? Them inviting us?”

I would want to correct Sarah as I didn’t even agree but Eli spoke. “Yes, it is. We’ll see you soon.” And he was looking at my wife, again. I swear I could do a punch right now. My blood was boiling. The fucker needed to stay away. I was giving him a death glare but he wasn’t noticing it as he was eye-fucking my wife. I curled my fist, preparing but Mia whispered “let’s go”. I was trying to hold myself not to punch the fucker. I clenched my jaw and just told the couple “Good night to both of you and have fun. We’ll go now.”

I was confused when she suddenly stopped beside Eli. I thought that was my cue to punch the fucker but Mia walked again. Faster than before. Her eyes were closed so I guided her until to our car.

I hated it. I hated to see that expression she was wearing. It looked like hurt and yearning but damn it, I hoped it wasn’t regret. The regret of marrying and being with me. I wanted to wipe away that look on her face. I was not promising anything but I would do my best to erase every burden she was still having. Yes, I was not going to try. I would do my damn best.

I caressed her cheeks with my hands as I asked her. “Are you okay, Mia?”

“I’m fine. Let’s go home.” She smiled weakly and I knew deep inside, she was not really okay. I opened the passenger’s door but she didn’t go inside yet. Instead, she turned around and looked at the restaurant. I just glanced at the still staring Eli and smirking Sarah before I focused on Mia. Her eyes were moist at the first look but if you look closely, you would find the look that would make you feel betrayed, used and crushed by. No, it was not care. Because if it was care, her eyes wouldn’t be clouded with want and affection. Her eyes were screaming love. For Eli.

We drove home silently. No music or no conversations. Just plain silence. Then I got to thinking, what I saw in Mia this time, it was different. There were lots of times she looked at me with full of passion, happiness and love. But never liked what she gave to Eli. And that just added to the pile of pain I was having.

I took the courage to glance at Mia and what I saw just broke my strength and soul while slowly killing my heart. We weren’t talking but then she was smiling. I closed my eyes briefly and felt a tear rushed to my cheek.

That moment, the realization hit me so damn hard. I knew then that I needed to prepare for this fight. Because now, bit by bit, I was losing Mia.



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