Beautiful Nightmare

Author’s Note: This material is for mature audience only.

– – – – – – – – – –

“God, Shane, you’re so fucking beautiful.”

“Oh my god, Chris. Faster, please. God!”

I felt he picked up paced and thrust deeper and harder inside me. God, he felt so good inside me. So warm and so long. I moaned and felt my eyes closing as ecstasy covered my body.

“Fuck, Shane, I’m not going to last.”

“Come inside me, Chris.”

He momentarily stopped then continued as he growled. He devoured my lips and neck.

“Open your eyes, Shane. I want to see them. I want to see your fucking hot eyes.”

I opened my eyes and gasped for air. I sat up straight and felt my clothes were soaked. Droplets of sweat formed on my forehead and I felt my throat dried up.

I put my hands in my face as I realized how great and almost seemed real my sexy and hot-as-hell nightmare felt.


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