Keeping Eli (Eli and Mia #3)

Author’s Note: This is the third part of my Short Story series from Sarah’s POV. Visit this link for the complete series and check out my “DOWNLOADS” page if you want to have an EPUB or PDF copy.

Thank you very much and happy reading!


I always won. My dumb enemies thought when I backed out from my revenges, I was losing. I pitied them as they didn’t know that word “lay low”. That was why the shocked on their faces were priceless when I continued and succeed with my not-so-wicked plans. I always avenged when I didn’t have the thing I badly wanted. The thing I believed I ultimately deserved.

Now? I was standing with my biggest achievement ever. My stupid sister believed in that damn happily ever after. She assumed they we “it”. But I believed he was mine. Only mine.

One thing I hated the most was sharing what I won. I definitely wouldn’t share my Eli. And I loved it. I also loved that she lost her “everything”. They wouldn’t last, anyway.

I was beautiful. Trust me, even you would get jealous when you see my hourglass curves and goddess-like features. The way my sister was eyeing me right now just proved it. I grinned at her.

She just had a slight curve on her hips, her hair was as black as mine, her lips was not really kissable and her eyes were not even stunning! I didn’t know why guys like Eli and her husband would even pick her. She was not even in my beauty level.

Mia’s eyes shifted toward Eli. I turned to Eli and caught him doing the same. My blood boiled and I felt my lips pursed. I could do some physical attacks today. But no, I knew I could handle myself. I had class and elegant. I wouldn’t pick up a cat fight. With my grace and sharp thinking skills, I would fight behind her back. Take note, I was an expert in dirty fight.

She gave us a faked smile as she put her hands on Mike’s arms. I noticed that she flashed her cheap wedding ring. I raised my eyebrow to her intentions. She then kissed her husband with tongues included in front of us! I rolled my eyes on that because it was so pathetic! Well, just like her.

“It was nice to see you both. Right, Mike?” She asked.

“Yeah and why didn’t you come to our wedding?” Mike questioned us.

Not all the time, I was the bad one. Of course, I wanted my sister to be happy. But I didn’t want her to be so happy. I was ecstatic when Eli declined the invitation. Since then, I knew he didn’t love her anymore. Maybe there was a little care but that was it. He loved me now. But I knew Mia couldn’t move on. I wouldn’t sacrifice my time for that bridal ceremony knowing that Mia would always look at my Eli. But, on the other hand, maybe we should have attended it. It would be amazing to see my little sister suffer, seeing I already had what she couldn’t have. Now, that would be a great show!

I loved Eli. From the moment I saw him, I knew he would be the right guy for me. When I found out his relationship with my sister, I made my move. Thank God, Kyle was naïve. I just gave him a one-night pleasure, some money and threats to him to do his job. After my plan succeed, I couldn’t help but to shed happy tears.

One day, I saw Eli and we “talked”. It was a long and sexy talk. He was really mad that day and I promised him he wouldn’t be any more. After we talked, I showed him my promise. My very hot and world-crumbling promise. Just then, we continued to know each other and, luckily, he saw the light. He married and loved me. It was the best days of my life.

“Mike, honey, maybe it’s because of my sister’s pride. Right, Sarah?” My stupid little sister said. I clenched my teeth hard. How dare her!

“I think so, little sis…”

“Oh, big sis, I know so.” I felt my face getting hot. I flexed my fingers and breathe deeply. She was getting on my nerves at this point. She was damn lucky we were here in a classy restaurant and we had our husbands. She could really use a slap.

Mia turned her eyes on Eli again. I swear she was fantasizing my husband. So I did what I must. I coiled my arms around Eli and flashed my diamond wedding ring that worth more than what she was wearing.

I noticed she closed her eyes and tried to calm herself. I couldn’t help but pucker my lips and flickered my eyelashes. I mouthed “mine” at her and the tables turned. She looked like she would love to kill me.

“Well, we’ll go ahead now. Have fun with your dinner. Let’s catch up sometimes.” Mia said.

“I would love that, little sis!” I gasped sarcastically and put my hand on my chest. I turned to Eli and kissed him. I battled my tongue with his in front of Mia. After our searing hot kiss, I said to Eli. “Isn’t that great, honey? Them inviting us?”

“Yes it is. We’ll see you soon.” He nodded at them.

“Good night to both of you and have fun. We’ll go now.” Mike told us.

We watched the couple as they strode to their car. Before Mia entered the car, she turned her head toward us. I gave her my beautiful grin, waved my hand and mouthed “bye”. I bit my lip so I could stop the laugh I was about to have. Mia’s face looked like a kicked puppy! Oh, little sis.

“Let’s go, Eli. After this dinner, we’ll have our special dessert at home.” I coated my voice with seductiveness and bit my lip. He nodded once and we headed to our table.

I was reading the menu while talking about how exhausted I was at work because some employers were either deaf or just naturally dumb. I was still scanning the menu when I glimpsed at him.

He was staring outside, obviously zoning out. “Eli? Eli? Eli!” I tapped the table with my hand, annoyed. He broke from his thoughts and asked me why. I rolled my eyes at him and just continued reading the menu.

Just then I realized something. I gripped the menu hard and clenched my jaw as I was very furious with my realization. Eli was probably thinking of Mia. He thought I didn’t catch his longing stares at her. He was very wrong. I knew I needed to add some additional steps this time. I would remind him what he had today and what he would miss.

I hated Mia. So much. Why couldn’t she show up without destroying things? Wasn’t she happy with what she had today? I swear I wanted to erase her from this world!

No, this couldn’t be happening. I couldn’t lose Eli. I needed him. I loved him. And I believed he loved me too. Besides, we were married. No one should destroy that. Even my stupid little sister.

I closed my eyes and breathe deeply. I could sense a fight this time. I curled my lips at the thought. Soon, Mia would realize she would lose again. Because whatever happened, I would still be keeping Eli.


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