Brightest Stars

“Just let me go, Blake. Please, just let me go..”

“No, no. Shh. Listen to me Louise, I locked you up here so you can realize that it is us who are meant to be. You can see that now, right?”

His voice was coated with sweetness and promise. But Louise could only hear the desperate and the obsession side in his voice.

“No. I can’t see it today and I will not see it tomorrow. Face it now, Blake. I’ll never see the us.” Louise replied calmly.

Blake clenched his teeth and slapped her. Tears escaped from her face as the hard slapped stung. She held back the whimper she was about to have.

Blake’s face began to soften as he kissed Louise.

“God, I’m sorry, baby. I never meant to do that. Please, I’m sorry. Please talk to me, baby. God, I’m sorry.” He was crying now but Louise was oblivious to what was happening.

“Just go, Blake. I’m tired. I need to sleep.” Blake nodded and kissed her once again.

After the door close, she checked her wrists. As always, it was already red from the chains.

She looked outside the window and witnessed the dark cloudless skies. She closed her eyes and silently sobbed as she prayed for the brightest stars to come.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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