I Really Hope You Can Read This

Hello. I know this is our first meeting. But do you know that feeling when you feel like your trust is safe for someone you barely knew? That is what I’m feeling right now about you. I trust you, even if this is our first conversation and meeting.

You see, I would like to ask an errand. Do you see that guy behind your back? Yes, that one. He’s my guy. Can you please tell him I love him so much? Tell him that I will always be by his side and that’s forever. Say to him that I will never ever forget him as he owns my heart. Please add that it takes time to move forward. Tell him this will never be the end.

I’m Frances, by the way. It’s so nice to meet you. I’ll go ahead now. Please, I really do hope you could do this for me. This is important. Goodbye.

And, sorry, before I forget, can you also tell him that his little brother is safe when our car crashed? He’s in the hospital.

Thank you again and I’ll go with the light now.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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