I’m Sorry

I held her hand tightly.

“You’re going to be here on Christmas. Damn, Lex, even in New Year. You’re going to be here as long as you want. Please tell me that’s what you want.” I didn’t hide my tears from her.

“No, Dex, that’s not what I want. I’m tired. Really tired, Dex. I’m sorry.” She answered weakly.

“No, no, no, Lex, listen to me..”

“No, you listen to me Dex. The doctors did their best. I fully accepted this. I love you, Dex. Don’t forget that. And, please, don’t worry. I’ll always be here. For you.” She smiled weakly from the hospital bed.

I kissed her hand and cried on it. After minutes passed I heard the machines beeped loud. I looked at Lex’s limp figure and closed eyes.

I called out the nurses as I panicked. A nurse was asking me to stay calm but how could I? How. Could. I?

I reached for Lex’s face even if the nurses were pulling me away.

“Wake up, Lex. Please, wake up. Don’t leave. Wake up, Lex. For me.” I didn’t think a person could cry that much in a day.

The nurses plugged out the IV’s from her and the doctor turned his head to me.

“I’m sorry.”

The two simple yet heavy words that crumbled the walls I had and the two sharp and painful words that I would never want to hear again.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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