Author’s Note: For mature readers only due to foul languages used.


My bitch friends and I were laughing so hard we thought our jaws would snap off. All of that because of the cranberry juice that splattered of Mica’s upper body and face. Her face was so priceless when she opened her locker room and the juice greeted her.

I could hear the loud talks and thunderous laughs of the crowd.

“Who did that?”

“Oh my god!”

“Look at her, dude!”

“Hey, Mica. I love soaked shirts!”

“She looked like a rat!”

“Jeez, so messy!”

“She looked like a kicked puppy!”

I stepped forward in front of Mica. I hid my laugh and sneered at her.

“Next time, lady, mind your own business. My boyfriend is not yours to take. Keep your hands to yourself or you’ll pay the price.” I winked at her.

“Your ex-boyfriend, Lara. He was your boyfriend. You know, to be honest, you sound so desperate and obsess. He broke up with you then you’re still coming back even if he doesn’t want you? God, Lara. I’m starting to believe that you’re stupid, lame and birdbrain. Tsk.” She shouted for the audience to hear.

I slapped Mica. I made sure it was hard enough to sting. Silence filled the hallway. I pointed my finger at her.

“Watch your fucking mouth, Mica. I’m just taking what’s mine…”

“Oh yeah?”

I was about to slap her again when strong hands gripped my wrist. I turned around to see Lucas. He was wearing a sexy and hot yet annoyed grin. He pushed away my wrist.

“Knock it off, Lara. Don’t be like a desperate puppy waiting for his dog food that won’t come.”

I gasped and recoiled. That fucking hurts. The crowd once again exploded in loud laughs and talks. But this time, all on me.

I turned around and ran away. I never thought I would be humiliated in such way.

I clenched my teeth while the tears were rushing to my cheeks. Thoughts were swirling in my mind. And all these thoughts were screaming revenge.


6 thoughts on “Revenge

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  1. Ah, revenge…
    It never ends well in the revenge route, you know. With this sort of story, I can expect Lara to fall lower and lower if she doesn’t stop going down the revenge route. To be honest, revenge themes in stories make me sigh so much. I prefer friendship, you know!


    1. That’s true. 🙂 As for revenge themes, I respect your taste. I just love to try new themes. 🙂

      Thank you, The Overload Bear! 🙂


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