The Prophecy

I felt a gun pointed at the back of my head. My sister’s left hand clutched a handful of my hair and tugged it to her.

“Kill our brother, Moira. Kill him now or he will kill us all when the time comes. It’s all in the prophecy. It is you who must do it. Kill. Him. Now!” Her mouth was near my ear so I heard every single word. And every word she said send my blood boiling.

I spit out the blood in my mouth before answering. “No.”

I felt her grip became hard and she turned me around. She slapped me with the gun and my cheek stung. My brother, who was tied up, was crying my name out. I tentatively touched my cheek and blood greeted my fingers.

Hera tugged me and made our previous position again. Two throwing knives clunk on the floor in front of me.

“Take those knives and throw it at him, Moira. Or, I swear, you will die!”

I touched the knives and looked at my brother. Fear painted his face and his tears wouldn’t stop rushing out. I gripped the knives hard. I wouldn’t do it. I knew there was a way to break the prophecy. I wouldn’t kill my brother. But I knew someone had to die and someone needed to protect my brother. I made my choice.

“Hera, I wouldn’t listen to your pathetic beliefs. But if you won’t stop believing in it, maybe you should join and be in it.”

I used my remaining strength to stomp her foot hard. She stumbled and I turned around to kick her right knee on the side. She fell on her knee and I ran toward her and flipped back in the air, making sure my left foot struck her chin and nose.

When I regained my standing position, I saw her nose was bleeding and she struggled to stand up. I took the time.

I spun around and released the first throwing knife at her middle. It landed with a thud in her and blood flew out. I wasted no time as I rushed to her and stabbed the place between her neck and shoulder. I deepened the knife as she screamed loud.

Hera fell on her knees and I was breathing heavily. Silence erupted from the place. I looked at my brother and his shocked face.

Hera weakly touched her middle and got the nerves to smirk at me.

“You… You will… Die… Too… Soon… You will… All of… Us…”

I heard Hera’s last breath as her eyes closed and I knew she was no longer alive.

Here I was, standing near my dead sister’s body with her own blood and shocked brother while determining if what I did was all right and worthy.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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