One Day

I was tainted. If Logan’s best friend didn’t do things I didn’t like, I wouldn’t leave Logan like this. But I couldn’t have the courage to speak the truth. Not when family threats were given.

I removed the gripped of Logan’s hand from waist. He stirred and I stopped for a moment. When I was sure he wasn’t going to open an eye, I checked the clock. 5:30 in the morning.

I retrieved my scattered clothes in his room. When I was fully clothed, I took out a paper and pen from my purse. I began to write.


I love you. Always. Though I can’t face you right now. I need to fix things, if it’s still fixable. One day, Lo, one day. When that perfect time comes, I’ll make sure I’m not going to let it go. Unlike now. Don’t look for me, Lo. But, please, don’t forget me.


A single tear moistened the paper. I folded it neatly and place it on his bedside table. For the very last time, I leaned in and lightly kissed the lips, the lips that made me feel the true breathing and living.

I opened my purse and checked if my plane ticket was there. I made my way to the door and tentatively touched the doorknob. I turned around and saw Logan’s peaceful face. Like it was the paradise you wouldn’t want to leave. Too bad I wasn’t the perfect island he was meant to live.

I walked to my car and checked my bags in the back seat. All set and completed.

I turn on the engine and drove. And I made sure that, even if I left Logan, there was still a flicker of hope that I would be there at the end. With him.


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