THOUGHTS: Happy New Year, Happy 2014!

This post contains lots of annoying thank yous and I love yous and sharing of self-experiences. If you’re not a lover or even a fan of excessive use of those words or shares, just skip this post for a while. 🙂

Hey Everyone! How are you? I’m fine, if you will ask. 😉 Here in Milan, just two hours away before the new year comes! I’m so excited!

It’s time to say goodbye to 2013. But I will never say goodbye to the unforgettable memories I had and created this 2013. I will treasure them, keep them. And maybe, apply some of them in my daily life this 2014.

So, yeah, goodbye 2013.

Let’s give a warm welcome to 2014! And, of course, let’s start the year with a fresh perspective and positive visions!

My 2013 got loads of fun and memorable experiences. Yes, there were quite several downs this year but I forgot all of those. One of the lessons I learned this year is to always think positive, leave the negatives and never over-think.  So, I’m going to start my 2014 with a sure genuine and blessed smile etched on my face! 🙂

Now, let’s head off to the main reason why I will post this LAST POST I will be having for this year.


First off, I whole-heartedly thank God and Our Lord for just EVERYTHING. Without them, I don’t think I would have survived and passed the obstacles I needed to go through with this year. With their full guidance, protection and presence, this year has been a fruitful and, truly, a blessed year for me.

I ecstatically thank my parents whom I got to finally bond with this year. As you can see, my parents are OFWs. They didn’t come back home until seven years later, from their departure from the Philippines (because their papers were being processed in those years). Then I received a news that my IT visa successfully got signed and I was able to fly and stay here in Milan for a year. Yes, I sacrificed my freshman college year just for this. Let me tell you, everything that happened is so worth it. They let me experienced things I didn’t know I would firsthand do. And they were giving their full support and help to my writing dream until now. I don’t think they will ever stop and I hope they will not. So, thank you Mommy and Daddy. Thank you so much for just everything! I love you.

I thank the members of my family for the help and support they have done for me. Without your pushes and advice, I don’t think I would have got this far.

I happily thank my circle Jerome Lacsa, Anthony Marquez, Darius Orias, Annika Fabian, Pauline Fontanilla, Angelica Ocampo, Geraldine Laydia and Pamela Valdez. I would like to share a story. When I first started writing short stories, I was doubting my ability. My use of words were weak and, honestly until now, my main weakness is grammar. I called for their help. I have confidence in them. The moment I received their feedbacks, it enlightened me and it raised me up. Without their willingness to help and their full support, I don’t think I will pursue writing short stories and flash fictions. So, guys, lots of thank yous to each one of you. Every word and like you send means so much to me. Thank you!

I would love to thank every mentor and every author who inspired me to read and write. I will not drop names as I’m not sure if it’s allowed. Maybe you do not know it is you but still, thank you.

I deeply thank my third and fourth year English mentor and one of my best life teachers. You are one of those people who inspired me to do things beyond what I can do. Your words are the foundation of what I am doing and can do today (in the field of writing). I hope I noted every advice you gave. Thank you so much Miss!

I sincerely thank the people who published my previous works in the literary world. You made me experienced what it felt like to finally get acknowledged by with what you have done. And, yes, it was a blissful feeling. For that trust and believe you had in me, I thank you. So much.

Last, but definitely not the least, I earnestly thank all the bloggers and people who followed, liked and loved my written adventures. You don’t know how blessed and thankful I am that you are here today with me. It gives me the thought that maybe there really are people who like or love what I just wrote. You, guys, make me believe that everything I write is worth reading. You make me strive harder to write better. You make me build an interesting house and stay at this new and wonderful home. And, without you, I don’t think I will be able to share these imaginations that I am having. So, to you, fellow bloggers, writers and readers who chose to walk with me in this journey, rains of thank yous!


Yes, that is right. I love each one of you. I love to the fullest. I love you like I love the colors of Green and Black. I love you like I love Vanilla. I love you like I love Florence + the Machine, Of Monsters and Men, Ellie Goulding and Lana Del Rey. I love you like I love my eReader. I love you like love poetries and romance pieces. I love you like my own. Just, I love you. I really really love you. I swear, I love you. Now, marry me. 😉


Have a blessed and great 2014 everyone! 😉


I think this will be the end of this post. But before I end this, I would love to give my genuine thank you and I love you to you. Thank you for taking time digesting this post. And, yes I may not know you but, I love you. 😉


3 thoughts on “THOUGHTS: Happy New Year, Happy 2014!

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  1. You’re Filipino, too? Hey, I’m Filipino, too! (I actually revealed that on Tumblr back then, haha…)

    Oh, and it’s nice that you learned to look at the bright side, too! I hope you’ll keep on doing your best and having fun, Mistake! (Wait, that sounded freaking paradoxical, aaaaaaaa…)

    Anyway, Happy New Year to you, too, man!


    1. Well, that’s a revelation! I didn’t know that. Maybe I should call you Kuya Tobby at this point. 🙂

      Yes, it really is. I hate any negativity. I really thank God I learned that! 🙂 I hope so too. And no, it doesn’t sound absurd! 🙂

      Happy New Year, Kuya Tobby! 🙂


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