Endless Stars


Have I told you how beautiful you are?” His weak voice rang in my ears.

Yes, Renz. Everyday.” I beamed at him even if I was suffering on the inside.

Can you please roll-up the blinds?” I nodded at him. When I rolled it up, the gleaming endless stars met our eyes from the hospital bedroom. I took my seat back beside Renz. He feebly took my hand and kissed it.

Stars, Chloe. I love stars. Whenever I see them, it reminds me of you. Your bright smile, your warm laugh and your blazing eyes. Every time I feel sad or angry at myself because I couldn’t erase the tears from your eyes back then, I just looked at the beautiful night sky filled with stars. They’re like the perfect oxygen I need in order to survive and help you breathe. Each day I’m with you, it is like those stars. Just beautiful and amazing. I won’t forget that, Chloe. And if I don’t make it, I’ll pray to Him to take me to the stars so I’ll always feel you right with me.” He kissed my hand again and I tried so hard to hold my tears back. I smiled at him even if he knew it was a sad smile.

You’re beautiful, Chloe. And I love you. So much. Whatever happens, the truth will stay. You, Chloe, are my beautiful gleaming star.” His lips curled up on one side as his eyes closed.

The machine beside Renz rapidly beeped. I freely let my thousand tears sprung from my eyes and silently prayed for his last wish to come true.


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