“You’ve got to listen to me, Blue! They’re going to shoot this aircraft and I want you to jump! Take this chute and don’t wait for me, do you understand? I’m going to distract them!” Fara was shouting over the loud noise of the craft’s engine. My body felt numb at the instructions of Fara. No, I couldn’t leave my sister here. She might die.

“No, Fara! We’re a team! I’ll help you! I’ll shoot them while you control this craft…”

“No!” Her face was red from anger and annoyance. “You will go. Now!” She took out the chute and placed it on me. I couldn’t move as I felt my legs became weak. “Don’t do this, Fara.” My voice came out weak but Fara heard it. She gave me a weak smile and kissed my forehead. “I love you, Blue.”

Our ride shook as bullets rained over the aircraft. Fara opened the hatch and handed me a helmet. I wore it and she passed me two handguns. “In case.” She nodded.

Our aircraft trembled again and Fara fell down. “Fara!” I was about to help her when bullets were fired inside our ride. Luckily, I ducked immediately and it pierced behind me. Fara retrieved her vest and machine gun and shouted another command to me over the air. “Jump now, Blue!”

Once again, I looked at her and felt a tear slide down from my eye. I rushed toward the hatch and jumped, opening my arms with and holding the two handguns. The strong current of the wind welcomed my body. I used my last strength to turn around and fire, even if I knew it was useless.

I briefly closed my eyes and the next things completely crumbled my walls. Fara’s aircraft exploded into million pieces and I put my arms on my eyes as a shield and spun around. I pulled my chute’s string and it opened.

This time, my helmet fogged because of my tears as the thought of my dead sister plagued my vision.



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