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There he was. Standing in front of me after he left me three years ago, without any note or traces.

Silence erupted from the practice room. I felt every eye of my team on Marcus and me. I gripped my handgun hard. I coolly stared at his warm brown eyes.

He looked the same. Hard, angular face, slightly pointed nose and pale and plump lips. Well, except his ripped muscular arms etching on his black shirt. God, he was still beautiful.

But after dark times of unbearable pains I suffered into, I knew I changed. My eyes no longer see the freaking sunshine or freshly bloomed flowers. It was consumed by loads of sunsets and withered flowers.

Aviss, Marcus will be joining our team to take down Woods and his crew. This is in no personal matter, just plain business. I’m assigning you to be his partner. Lucky you, he is already trained when he was in Germany.” Captain Wright’s, our leader, voice was laced with authority and warning.

I raised my eyebrow and tightened my lips to keep the boiling rage I was having. Instead, I assembled the two of my favorite guns in front of me to distract myself.

I loathed Marcus. Stupid promises and soft words. I hated myself too, for being so damn gullible. If I had moments to regret in my life, it was the day I met him. Because when I met him, I believed in the stupid feeling they called “love”.

They said it was a supreme feeling. It would heal the painful wounds, would fill the hollow hole you were feeling or would complete the freaking puzzle pieces you’d been trying to find.

But that “love” could also bring out the worse in you. It could burn your soul that no water could smother, could kill the living senses you had or could shut down your entire belief in happiness.

Every day, I tried to pick up the pieces Marcus broke. Every time I picked it up, the shards would pierce thus making it bleed tons of blood and more painful that it already was.

But life moves on. I learned to cope with the speed of everyday living. Even if every step I took, felt like needles was puncturing my feet.

Here I was, living as a rough and tough special agent in this government-based world.

And the fate was a true bitch because I kept running from the past, not stopping, and I didn’t expect that I would end up in this horrible finish line.

“This will be very interesting!” Luke, my co-special agent, exclaimed while he was wiggling his eyebrows. I gritted my teeth and told him, “I don’t freaking think it is, Lukewarm.” Luke’s face immediately flushed red from anger. He didn’t like the way we called him Lukewarm. He rolled his eyes and tsked.

“So, today is shooting?” Marcus asked. God, help me. That thick and deep voice rang in my ears. It was a soothing sound, like a classical music that could help you sleep and feel the peace.

I closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. I was being rude at Marcus and I knew I shouldn’t be. I should welcome him.

“Got your vest on?” I asked Marcus, still not meeting his eyes and loading my guns with magazines.

“Yeah, I wondered why…”

I didn’t let him finish. I instantly turned around and fired four bullets at him, since he was wearing a vest. He fell back on the fourth bullet. Loud and angry shouts filled the once silent room.


“What the hell, Ave!”

“Oh my god!”

“Freaking hot, baby!”

“Honey, chill down!”

But the one voice I truly heard came from Captain Wright. “Special Agent Aviss Benette!”

Oh my god. I looked at him. His jaw ticked and his face was enveloped with rage. No, if there was an expression beyond rage then that was it. And Captain Wright never used my full name unless…

“In. My. Office. NOW!” Captain Wright stormed out of the room. I glanced at Marcus’s shocked face and angrily dropped my guns on the table. “Welcome, Marcus. Didn’t know you’re still alive.” I icily told him.

I raised my chin high and walked toward the door. I was not even surprised when no tears came out from my eyes.

Though I was having an irrational thought because I was blaming Marcus for what just happened.

And yeah, I wasn’t shocked either to find out that I made a cold bitch out of myself.



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