Our Way Out


Author’s Note: The story contains languages and scenes that are inappropriate for young readers.


I picked and lit up the cigarette. I looked outside the exquisite hotel’s window. Dark gray clouds met my eyes. I inhaled deeply and closed my eyes, still feeling dirty and satisfied. I weakly smiled. My plans succeeded.

The door burst opened and I turned. He was wearing a black jeans and a white shirt, hugging his hard abs and body. His beautiful face was scowling and I just grinned.

“What the fuck, Audrey?” His voice was low and laced with pure anger. I couldn’t help but to laugh loud.

“Why, baby? What’s wrong?” I pouted.

He strode fast to me and pointed a finger at my face. “I don’t know if you can even consider sleeping with my two brothers wrong with you, you slut.” He said while gritting his teeth.

Anger fueled in me. I slapped his finger away and pushed him as hard as I could. “Don’t you dare tell me that, fucker! How about you, Kade? It seemed that fucking my sister and best friend felt right to you. And I was curious how you felt, so why not try it with your brothers? Believe me, Kade, they were so fucking great!”

Kade clenched his teeth and reached for the glass near the table and threw it at the wall. “God damn it, Audrey!”

“You started it, Kade! Every time we had arguments, you chose that instead of talking to me! You always fuck your way out! And now we’re even, Kade. I fuck my way out as well. So don’t you call me a slut. Because we both are now, you stupid!”

He raked his hair with his hands. “I don’t know why I loved you.” He silently said.

That did it. It stung. My body felt like it was ungodly stabbed by knives and I couldn’t stop the bleeding. The tears I’d been holding back began to slip.

“Get out, Kade.” I said, feeling defeated.

“No, Audrey. We will talk…”

“No, Kade. I’m done. I couldn’t take back what I’d done. But let me tell you something, I’d been thinking of you. When we were doing it, all I could see was you. And I asked myself. Did you think about me, as well, while you were fucking my sister and best friend? Did you fuck them or made love to them?” I whispered loud enough for him to hear.

I held my hand up before he could say anything. “As for your statement, Kade, only you could answer that. And to be honest, you just killed me. You just threw me in the fire and left me burning. You just took out all the air out of my lungs. You just buried me alive. Now, please, get out.”

I turned away from him and looked at the window. I was done. I knew my actions were stupid, but I couldn’t help it. I couldn’t find the right way to cope with our arguments. My mind was set to seek for revenge. But my heart only started to beat today. It was beating regrets and loss.

I heard the soft click of the door. Just then, my body fell on the floor and I started to sob uncontrollably.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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