What You Can’t Have


Our laugh was carefree. The people in the park were actually starting to look at us. They seemed to think Jared and I were insane. Well, blame Jared.

He always made me laugh, even with his little seems-not-worthy-of-a-laugh jokes. He always made me smile, my lips reaching my ears and my eyes gleaming. So I really thanked God because we still had each other’s back. Even if we were both married this present.

My coffee waved, sending droplets of its brown and creamy liquid in my white dress.

“Ugh! Look what you did, Jared!” I told him while smiling.

He chuckled. “At least it’s not plain and boring white anymore, Lindsay. It has a beautiful design, baby!” He whistled. I laughed, again.

We stopped for a minute and I was shocked when silence erupted between us. I broke the uncomfortable silence. “Hey, Jared, when was the last time you badly wanted a thing you couldn’t have?” I seriously asked him. He turned to me and gave me his sexy, lazy grin.


My brows furrowed. “What? You serious? Isn’t that like a burden or something?” I couldn’t hide my amusement.

He shrugged. “Yes, I’m serious. And yes, it looks like it is a burden, but as long as I can have it even for a few hours, then I’ll look at it as a miracle, chance and blessing.” He winked at me.

I shook my head, lightly. “May I know what it is? Please?” I gave him my puppy eyes because I knew he wouldn’t tell me if I didn’t beg. Yeah, I was pretty desperate, I guess.

He smiled weakly. “Well, you’re already married, so…” He shrugged again.

I stared at his warm chocolate brown eyes for a minute and dropped my eyes at my warm coffee. I pursed my lips tightly.

Damn it, Jared. I thought. Damn you.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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