Killing Me


“Please, Gabby, hold still.”

“No, Ross. This time, I’ve had enough.”

“I’m sorry, please. I’ll fix this. I promise I’ll fix this. I love you, Gabby. I will be a father to Josie’s son, but please don’t leave me.”

I snatched away my wrist from his hold and slowly turned around.

“Ross, please, stop killing me. I died when you left for the army, but I became alive again when you came back, complete and solid. I died when you accused me of sleeping behind your back when you completely knew I gave my full trust on you, but I became alive again when you apologized so much and admitted it was your mistake. I died when we had our first heated argument and you left me standing, but I became alive again when you promised you’d fix things. Now Ross, I just died again when I found out you’re going to be a dad but not in our future child and the mother will be my sister. Please, Ross, no. I was stupid before but not now. I’m not going to let this pass. And Ross, please stop killing me. It burns me to hell and turns me to ashes. And please, stop resurrecting me. Because I know, you’ll only kill me again.”

I slowly walked away from him and closed the door behind me. I didn’t stop the flow of tears as I made my way outside the building.


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