Guitar Tunes

The tune of my guitar produces a haunting tune and an unbearable nightmare. It hurts my ears to hear the screams of the strums. It keeps radiating the feeling of loneliness. It seems like it is looking for something. A voice, perhaps.

I hear footsteps coming. As I look up, I stare at her smiling, warm-brown eyes. I smile back.

“With your guitar, again.” She says.

“Will always be.” I reply.

She nods and turns to walk away. I clear my throat to get her attention. “Mind singing?”

She purses her lips. “I can’t. My son’s waiting for me. Rome will arrive soon. I need to get home.”

I exhale from frustration. “Mind just sitting here for a while? Please?” I plead.

She smiles a little before she nods and sits beside me, leaving a space between us. A space I’ve been wanting to fill, a space I’ve been dying to replace.

“Play something for me. I want to feel something real.” She says.

I begin playing her favorite tune. I pour my heart and soul into playing. I feel electricity in my hands as I strum every note. The song speaks longing and love. Just the perfect tune for her, a really perfect song for me.

I finish with the last strum. She claps and smiles at me. That delighted look she gives spreads in the area like an epidemic. I do the same thing to her.

“Thank you.” She says.

I nod once and stare at the view after us. The white sands of the beach remains calm and balanced, the waves of the water are gleaming from the vibrant rays of the sunset. It is beautiful, so beautiful it hurts to look at it.

I feel her hand clasps mine. I don’t look at her. I keep staring at the view. She exhales, her breath is laced with pleasure and I sigh out of contentment.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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