Why Flash Fiction?

In this generation, a new genre of writing has emerged. Flash Fiction is a type of piece wherein a story should be quick and written in few words. Usually, a flash fiction contains 500 words or less. It should have the complete essence of what a typical short story has: Characters, Settings, Plot, Climax, and the likes.

I chose to write flash fiction because it is challenging. Imagine writing a 21-word story. With only 21 words, no more or less, you should be able to catch the reader’s attention and, at the same time, give a worth reading piece. It is not really hard, you just have to find your way. And once you do, the feeling is blissful.

I choose to write flash fiction because it is fun. Just because it is challenging, doesn’t mean it has to be a burden. It is really amazing to play with words and thoughts and put it in few words.

I choose to write flash fiction because it has a mysterious ambiance. It’s like you crave for more once you read the story. Even if you write one with a “happy ending”, there’s still a dash of mystery in there. I don’t think flash fiction will ever lose its curious nature.

I adore writing flash fiction. It is one of my stress reliever. You may not side with me about this post, but that’s alright. This is just my view. But in general, never stop writing. You may find this type a hard one, but it really takes time, practice and patience. If I can do it, so as you.

So keep on writing and do the daydreaming!

 – – – Matthew Burgos/YoungMistake – – –

let me hold your words before you leave;

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