Old Man


The old man traps me in his hold on the mahogany table. His erection is rubbing against my entrance. My blood is boiling, but I don’t show it to him. I bite my lower lip to keep the rage.

He traces my neck with his disturbing kisses with tongue. I let him. At least, he’ll have something to bring with him soon.

“Hmm, so sweet, baby.” He mumbles.

I smile. My signal. I lock my legs behind him to increase his pleasure. I count to three before I take the knife hidden in my waist belt and plunge it between his neck and shoulder.

The old man screams and I plunge deeper. His eyes widen and blood spills out of his mouth. I laugh hysterically before I push him away.

I take out the knife and clean it with his tie. He lay there, motionless and looking funny. I beam at him.

“Bye, Dad.” I say.


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