Love burned me. It was a chaos I’d rather not join. It engulfed my heart, making sure I wouldn’t be breathing fine. It buried my head in the flames so I wouldn’t be thinking clearly. It closed my hearing to make sure I wouldn’t be listening to what was the truth. It turned my beliefs upside-down. It sent my body inside a wildfire so I would be doing things I didn’t think I would.

Love triggered the worst in me. It brought out the hell in me, never the heaven. When I felt it, I was expecting for paradise. It never came, I never experienced it.

Love ruined me. It will too to you. Believe me.


2 thoughts on “Love

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  1. love never ruins anyone, lovers do, and when you meet a toxic one, just shift your love to God for a while and wait for the right one to come along. been there, done that and i transformed the hell he created for me into a permanent heaven for me.


    1. I agree with you, although we must not shift our love to God just for a while. That love for him shall be there as always.

      You’re strong, sharmishtha as you overcame such experience.

      Lovers really ruin anyone, but the foundation seems to be love. But I understand your view. 🙂

      I just showed in this story the perspective of the one in pain because of love. 🙂

      Thank you very much, sharmishtha! A thumbs-up as well, for you! 😀

      – Matthew.


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