I stand before the glass. The proud and professional sculpture is very visible. It looks like it’s influenced by the words with flaws and power. Its eyes are so empty, even if the dark hue of brown envelops the pupils. My brows furrow from confusion. I really feel sorry for this sculpture.

The glass gets fogged, and the sculpture changed. A very decent, and angelic-looking figure has emerged. Its smile is so charming and at ease, its eyes are full of heaven and blue skies, and it looks pure and innocent. I like it. Then, I change my mind.

I give out a scream, and punch the glass. The blood pours out from my knuckles. The shattering tune sounds like heaven, that’s full of lies and deceiving thoughts. My mother suddenly comes beside me.

“Heavens, what happened here? What happened to the mirror?” My mom asks.

“I shattered it.” I mutter.

“But, why? What did you see?”

I turn to my mother, my eyes are masked with fire. “Me, mom. I saw myself.” I say, with my voice laced with nothing.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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