Vintage (Friday Fictioneers)

Copyright by Kent Bonham
Copyright by Kent Bonham

Greetings! This is my entry for the week’s Friday Fictioneers. The challenge is to write a 100-word story with the photo of the week. Hope you all enjoy my story!


TITLE: Vintage

The photographer adjusts his camera and calls the models. “Let’s roll, everyone! Dim the lights!” The photographer calls.

The models position themselves in the beige backdrop. A lady sitting on a rocking chair, a man wearing a white tux behind her, with two ladies beside him. All wearing vintage looks.

The photographer looks in the eyepiece, preparing for a shot when he halts. Eyes are wide, but brows are furrowed.

“Excuse me, Miss, behind the man? Your make-up is a very dark. And why are your eyes pure white? Are you wearing contacts?”

The models stiffen. They count in their head.


There are just four of them in vintage looks.


15 thoughts on “Vintage (Friday Fictioneers)

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  1. Nice bit of creepiness there, Matthew. Here’s one little bit you could cut: ” The photographer calls.” You already say right before that that he calls the models. And another place you could improve the flow as well as lose a few words is here: “preparing for a shot when he halts. Eyes are wide, but brows are furrowed.” You could easily say, “preparing for a shot when he halts, eye wide, brows furrowed.” What do you think? I hope you don’t mind the suggestions. I’m off to look around for anyone in the house with white eyes!



  2. ooh, I like the spooky take and I see now why you have to be so careful with the description of who is where. Interesting that you hit 111 words – the exact number of entries in the link up as I read this – but there are a few places you could cut if you wanted: “The photographer calls” is superfluous as this paragraph is already clearly about him, and “in the beige backdrop” is probably unnecessary too.


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