The Way We Fall

BG #2

We let the lies be the truth. We let the hell be the heaven. We let our nightmares be the dreams. We let the fires be the air.

We let our kept words unspoken. We let our perceptions untold. We let our happy ending undeclared. We let our still love unexpressed. We let the bridges burn. We let the ropes snap.

We let our steps falter. We let our smiles forced. We let our laughs needed.

There are still good things, let us not forget.

We cherish the unbearable pains. We cherish the open wounds. We cherish the stitches and scars that will never be healed. We cherish the blood will let out from our cuts.

This is the end of our chapter. No one will ever match the things we had. As far for us, we will never write another episode.

This, this is the way we fall.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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