BG #2

The heels of Dante’s boots clink against the floor. He slowly walks towards the sound of sobs. He stops at the door frame of the kitchen. Blood pools around the ceramic kitchen tiles. The sob can be heard nearby. His eyes are wide from shock. He looks around and found his daughter, standing near the back door, holding a gun.

Few steps away from her is his wife, lying lifelessly on the kitchen floors. Dante’s knees buckle and tears rush from his eyes. He grips the door frame to balance himself.

“Dad, I saw the killer. Dad, dad, I saw who killed mom, I saw, I saw, I saw who killed, dad…” His daughter’s words are incoherent.

Dante’s blood boils. “Tell me, Maryanne. Who is it?” He’s going to make sure he’ll kill the killer himself.

Maryanne stares at him and hysterically laugh. Dante can’t do anything, but to gape. She stops laughing and begin crying again. She points the barrel of the gun on her neck.

Dante inhales slowly. “Maryanne, don’t. Listen to me, don’t.”

“I’ve been locked in this house for years, daddy. No friends, no one to see, just me, always just me. Daddy, no, I don’t like that. Always me. I just always see myself every single day.”

“That’s for your protection, Maryanne. The doctors said if you take your medicines daily, your mind will be stable. So, don’t, baby. We’ll fix this. We’ll hunt for your mom’s killer.” Thinking about the killer makes him see red.

“Me, dad, I… I killed mom, daddy. I love her so much, I killed her. Daddy, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Her voice breaks.

Dante can no longer control the pain. He sobs uncontrollably, but trying hard not to fall. He takes a small step towards her daughter. “Baby, put the gun down.”

Maryanne closes her eyes. “I love you, Daddy.”

“No!” Dante’s shout rings around the house.

Maryanne opens her eyes and laughs. “I know, Daddy! You know that I still love my life, right? So, I figured out that Mom will get lonely in hell. Then I decided, why not join him, right?” She winks at Dante. “Bye, Dad.” Maryanne fires the gun at Dante and he falls on the floor, blood gushing out of his chest.

Maryanne does a victory dance as if the whole incident is something worth celebrating for.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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