The news I received last night passed in my mind and it triggered my dark side. I wanted to punch something, hard. I was sitting on a bench, near the beach, but even the sound of waves crashing to the shore couldn’t calm me.

I refused to take my medicines. They were making me sleepy and dazed and I hated that. I could fight this off. I knew I could.

Thinking about Luce, moving on the other side of the city with her own family put me on the edge. She still owned me, every part of me.

Luce had seen and understood my dark side. She would be there when all I’d ever wanted was to fall. She would always push me to stand and always let the light in. She taught me how to fight my own monsters.

Now, her husband would take her away from me. It made my blood boil. I clenched my teeth, ready to destroy the bench I was sitting, when someone sat beside me.

The vanilla scent that roamed through the air was enough to know who it was. I heard her sigh.

“I knew this will happen. You have to understand, Kyle.” I could feel her eyes on me.

“No.” I responded with an edge.

She took and held my hand, her thumb rubbing on my palm. “People come and go, but the memories they left don’t.” I turned to her and she smiled. “Don’t ever think I’ll leave you. I’ll never do that.”

“But you’re already going to do it.”

“Physically, but not mentally.” She kissed my cheek and laid her head on my shoulder.

The scenery before us was breathtaking, but it only made my heart ache. This was where we met. I never thought this would also be our end.

“I still love you, you know.” I whispered.

Another sigh escaped from her lips. “I know.”


let me hold your words before you leave;

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