The rush of sorrow and revenge flooded through my veins. I gripped my handgun hard. The stale whiff of rusted metals roamed over the old warehouse. At the center of it, a tied-up man, sitting on an old chair, was smirking at me.

I clenched my teeth. After all the pain I’d been through because of this man, I couldn’t see the point of his existence.

My family suffered because of him. I could still remember how it all happened. I was under my parent’s bed when I heard two gunshots, my mother met the floor. My father screamed, but another two gunshots were released and his body fell beside my mother’s. Blood pooled around them.

Rage infused my system. It was all about the unpaid money. How could a million dollars cost a life?

Today, I’d finally have what I’d been craving. I looked at the man, who killed my family, and smiled. “Hello, Simon.”

Simon spat blood from his mouth. His bruised face was so beautiful to see. “Bitch.”

I laughed. I walked to him and kneel down in front of him. “Foul mouth, honey.”

“How about I fuck your full-of-shit mouth, huh? I bet you’re going to love it. I should have done that in front of Beau, I say.” He grinned.

My blood boiled. This man was all fucked-up. I would never forgive him for all the things he’d done. First, my family and, just two months ago, he killed my Beau.

I couldn’t contain my fury. I stood up and slapped him with the butt of my gun. He screamed and tried to budge out of the ropes. Blood rushed out of his mouth.

“Fuck you, bitch! What do you think you can kill me? You’re a woman, for God’s sake! You can’t even shoot straight! Damn you, bitch, let me fucking go!”

“It’s time for you to pay, fucker. You’ve done a great damage to me. You’re not going to be able to pay for it whatever you do…”

“I have no intentions to pay you back…”

Another slap of my gun at his face. “Bitch! You son of a bitch!” Simon screamed. “I’ll fucking kill you, Tarryn!”

I gave him a small smile. “I’m already dead.”

I pointed the gun’s barrel at his forehead and, without hesitation, I pulled the trigger. Blood splashed around my body and face, but I smiled. I turned and walk away, keeping the smile on my face.

It was wrong to do, but it was worth it.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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