When What’s Needed was a Peso

When was the last time a stranger did something particularly kind, generous, or selfless for you? Tell us what happened!” – Daily Prompt


The cafeteria was filled with people. Loud chats could be heard anywhere. Sweats trickled down to my neck. I rub my forehead with my backhand and sigh. The line moved and it was my turn.

“Good morning, may I have three large bottled water, please.”

“Will that be all?” The cashier asked.


The machine beeped and the price was shown on the small screen in front of me. “Total of 114php.”

I bit my lip. I only had an exact amount of 113php, thanks to my secret coin pocket. Panic began to set in and the line was starting to get lengthy. I breathed out and decided to just cancel one bottled water.


“Is there a problem?” The man next to me asked. His face was quizzical and I couldn’t help but to blurt out my problem. He smiled. “Here.”

I waved my hand. “No, it’s alright.”

He shook his head. “It’s alright, as well. Take this, Miss.” He gave the one peso to the cashier and turned to me. “Really, it’s fine.”

I couldn’t help, but to smile. “Thank you, thanks a lot.”

Although embarrassment reigned inside me, there was still a part where delight feeling rose. A delight for the people who would love to help with nothing in return.


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  1. Walking to my office one day for the first time I encountered a mid-aged gentlemen sitting on the wide sidewalk with many of his carved animals. After a second glance I noticed he had no legs and probably made his living right there each day with his many creations polishing the beautiful wooden turtles, eagles, whales, dolphins, palm trees of all sizes and prices. He kept his eyes in the display arranged neatly all around him and finally looked up at me when I purchased the little turtle – it was the only one he had designed where the back legs were gone appearing as if they were retracted in his own shell. He smiled a big smile at me saying Buenos dias senorita and when he reached to hand me the change I let him keep it for possibly a nice lunch or dinner. I try to visit my lovely talented friend each week always remembering my first time to see him and his sweet smile knowing God has gifted him in ways I can only imagine and appreciate at home when I admire my crafts he designed in the Lord’s precious way. Right now I am visiting family in the U.S. and looking forward to returning to my home in Mexico, but for now in my minds eye I see my friend smiling and sharing happily awaiting a new greeting and friendship.


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