I Love You

The park has an afternoon breeze. The sun is starting to set, giving shadows to the lines of trees. The only sound besides our breathing is the gush of water from the fountain at the center. We sit on a bench, a good two-hand distance between us. No one’s looking to one another. Just straight-ahead, watching the beautiful view.

“I love you.”

“I’m scared.”

“Everyone is, but shouldn’t be.” I say.

“And why is that?”

“Because they chose it, we chose it. To love. It began when we started to feel it. When we couldn’t stop it, we’re starting to panic and get scared, but it’s our fault since we fell for it in the first place.

It’s amazing to fall into that paradise, but we should know, in the first place, that hell will always trail behind it. Love is boring when there’s nothing to shake it.

So, it’s normal. To get scared. I’m also afraid, but I’m always willing to take the risks. Now, are you?” I turn to her, but her stare stays forward.

“Not yet. I’ve been into many rough roads, I already feel numb. I don’t want to take a ride again without knowing if I will end up in an accident or not.”

“You’ll not know it unless you dive for it.”

“I don’t want to dive. I just want to try first. I have to get used to the dark side so I’ll have myself prepared when a battle comes.” She says.

I give her a small smile. “I understand.”

This time, she looks at me and her lips curls upward. “I know.”


let me hold your words before you leave;

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