Hope in Hell


“I like you. Really, really like you.” She whispered in his ears. Tan’s body went on full alert. Every system of his body began to hum with passion. She was straddling his lap and he wasn’t complaining. He wouldn’t, ever.

He smiled against her ear and lightly bit her earlobe. “Then, come with me.”

Rosie laughed loud and Tan smiled. She playfully slapped his bare chest. “Of course, I will! But, promise me you’ll make me happy.” She purred.

“I will, don’t you worry. Now, kiss me.” He commanded. Rosie didn’t waste any time. She touched his lips with hers and swiped her tongue against his. They devoured each other’s mouth with pure pleasure. Rosie moaned and arched her body. Tan gripped her hips and tugged her to him.

Rosie’s body began to melt with lust. This man tasted so spicy and sex. He deepened the kiss and she willingly let him. He lightly pushed her, their breaths were panting. “What about God? He might disown you.”

Rosie’s eyes rolled. “I don’t fucking care about, Him. I can do what I want. Maybe He created me, but so what? I raised myself so, I don’t give a shit about him. While you, Tan, you’re my God. My fucking God. Make me special, yeah?” She licked his lips.

Tan laughed and shook his head. “Don’t worry, Rosie. I will.” Rosie clapped her hands and Tan inwardly laughed.

She would never be a special one. She would just be like the others, another Tan’s woman suffering from his promise of lies and in hell.

let me hold your words before you leave;

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