As Tarryn Fisher (Daily Prompt)


“Write a post about any topic you want, but in the style of an author or a blogger you admire.
(Thank you, dwbb96 and bumblepuppies, for inspiring this prompt!)” – Daily Prompt

“Hey, what are you going to do today?” Mace asked me.

“Well, I’m planning to write a book so I’m brainstorming for ideas.” I said. While tapping the pen at my chin, Tarryn Fisher’s name popped out in my mind. “Interesting.” I mumbled.

“What is that?”

“Listen, how about this. My first scene will be a wedding. After they get married, they’ll live happily for three years. Though, that’s not true as there’s no such thing as happy endings. So, the husband will get used to boring lifestyle, then he’ll suddenly get along with his best friend’s girl, who’s in a relationship with his best friend.

The husband will now look for the actions and qualities of the best friend’s girl in his own wife and when he can’t find it in her, he’ll divorce her. Then, cue some drama. What I’ll do next is I’ll make sure the best friend’s girl will get pregnant and they’ll have a baby.

Then the husband will later realize, maybe after two years, that he doesn’t love best friend’s girl. He still loves his wife, but, unfortunately, the wife is already married to his own best friend. Maybe, I’ll just kill the man? What do you think?”

Mace gulped. “You’re a killer.” She whispered. I just laughed.

I’m not Tarryn Fisher and I’ll never be (that’s pretty obvious). I’m just a “tryer” of the way she writes and what I think she’ll write. Thank you.


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