I Don’t Like Books (Daily Prompt)

“Think about an object, an activity, or a cultural phenomenon you really don’t like. Now write a post (tongue in cheek or not — your call!) about why it’s the best thing ever.” – Daily Prompt

“The next question is: what is the thing that you don’t like.” My new friend asked me.

I gave her a small smile. “Books.”

She rolled her eyes. “Cliché.”

“You haven’t heard the rest.”

“Okay, give it.”

“I don’t like books because they always kill me. They always know the right words and perfect advice to give to me. Their words have the power to change me and make me re-think things. They put clarity in my dark-clouded mind. They suck in the smoke in my fogged-up heart. They clean and purify my soul. In short, I don’t like them because they always seem to be right. I don’t like them because they’re very powerful, every word I read burns my eyes. There.”

She was stunned for a minute. “Wow.”

I sipped my drink. “Right.”


22 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Books (Daily Prompt)

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    1. Hi Easter! Thank you very much! I’m glad you liked it. 🙂 Same here. I really like how books can give me an advice. I just tried to turn that in other way around in this piece. 🙂 Thank you.

      – Matthew


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