Sister Aida


“Get on your knees and pray to God before you sleep, Mina.” Sister Aida says. Mina kneels and clasps her hands. She looks at the holy cross in front of her. “Now, Mina, repeat after me. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.” Mina repeats what she says.

“Dear God, thank you for your blessings and for giving me a chance to live.” Mina swallows and repeats Sister Aida’s words. “Now, Mina, tell Him how thankful you are that I let you stay in His house. Tell Him how ugly you are and how no one will ever love you. I want you to tell Him to take you to Him so we’ll have no problems around here. Mina? Tell him,” Sister Aida grabs Mina’s jaw. “I said tell Him how you wish you just die because you are ugly! You are a sick child. You are born with evil blood. Tell him!” Sister Aida slaps Mina’s face.

“Tell Him that you are an ultimate sinner and that you deserve to be in Hell, alright? Tell God now! Talk to Him, devil child!” Sister Aida grabs Mina’s hair and she yelps. Tears roll of her face as she tries to choke out the unreal words. When she’s done, Sister Aida releases her grip. “Good wicked girl. Now, sleep well and may the Devil takes you.” Sister Aida closes the door, leaving her full of tears. How she wishes she isn’t an orphan.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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