Perfect Ceremony

I can see everything. It’s, indeed, beautiful. The fields are luscious green and the different flowers give a new catch at the place. My mother is holding the picture with frame tight. I can hear people sob and I wonder why. Their handkerchiefs press onto their noses and their eyes are puffy and red.

The rectangle-shaped box beams class and simplicity. Its mahogany touch is very impressive. I love it. Though I feel kind of sorry for it as it goes under. Louder sobs begin to ring. I just sigh and smile. They won’t understand the peace at first.

The ceremony ends and some stay. I walk to the marble stone and check if everything is fine. The lettering is amazing and the message is heartwarming. Time passes and the others leave, including my family.

I stay, of course I’ll stay. I stand in front of the grave and repeatedly read my name that’s inscribed on the tombstone, yet, I smile.



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