I stand on the deck and deeply breathe. I jump and dive in the blue ocean. The waves take me in. Their crashes may bring dizziness in my head, but what they feel provides comfort and promises to me. I swim against the fighting waters, trying to fight back. Although I somehow success, I’m still waiting under the water.

I look around to see if your body already made it. My eyes are red from the waters, but I still don’t blink. Finally, small bubbles appear nearby and I smile. I swim to it and found you, smiling at me with a touch of sadness. Confusion invades my thoughts. I feel your touch at my cheeks and your light taps. Slowly, you kiss my forehead. It’s a blissful feeling.

I believe in what the others say about the good moments. They only last for a while. You part from my body along with your sadness and swim back to the deck. I didn’t know it’s impossible to shout, only to hear muffled sounds. I scream for you to not go and stay and you won’t listen. I try to swim, but my foot is caught in some green tendrils below. I don’t know anymore if what’s pouring out of my eyes are waters or my own tears.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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