What You’ve Once Given Me


I’ve loved your words. How you made each letter you’ve used feel worth it. You’ve carefully crafted them, giving you a powerful outcome. You’ve gently touched them and have given them to me. I’ve treasured them, like they were producing oxygen for me.

As the world turns to a different angle, the sunsets have become the sunrises and the blue skies to dark, gray skies. Your eyes have the electric touch that burns my skin. Tears rush out from my weak eyes. I see your jaw tighten.

I tighten the hold to the words you’ve given me, but I still lose it you. You snatch them, one by one, and changed them into something I never have thought you can. The once flamed-words have grown into an iced-thoughts that my skin drinks, creating open wounds.

Then you push me away, so far from our ropes. I stumble and fall, but you just smile at me. I’m begging you to just leave me, but you won’t, you’re enjoying your own show. So, I cut the ropes and run fast, away from what I’m used to have.

Months later, you’re back with your fresh beginning and I just smile. I’ve had enough and my eyes aren’t that blurry anymore to not see what your new mission will be. So, I push you away and I’ve burned all your lovely words. It’s my time now to give to you what you’ve once given me.


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let me hold your words before you leave;

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