Like I’ve Said

I’ve never thought that the summer days can be so cold. The heat of the sun disperses along with the flames of burning passion. The fires that we hold are now beginning to fade. The ashes it produces are the one I want to throw under the scattered leaves. They will do well on the land, I promise.

We stand still at the park, the splash of the fountain nearby is the additional sound besides our heavy breathing. Your face captures the perfect expression of expressionless while I’m in a mess; tears scatter on my face.

I deeply inhale before I say, “You leave now, and you leave me. You don’t leave anything, understand?” And you just nod. You just nod. You turn and walk away, no words of goodbye and touch of sorrow. Just like I’ve said.

Though all I’ve ever wanted to say is that “you leave now and I know you’ll be fine. You leave me and I know I’ll be broken. You don’t leave anything that I’ll not remember and reconnect with you, understand? You leave, but please wait one day for a comeback of someone new.”


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