He is the King


The beautiful, grand, white palace stands at the center of the forest. Fragrance of undying flowers and fresh leaves envelop the surrounding. The lovely butterflies glide above the chilly air. They fight and love and die and breathe.

The birds sing the loudest and sweetest song. It can hurt the ears and the blood that will pour out from the ears will be pure white. The sun is dancing with the clouds, proclaiming a new, bright day after a lethal storm. Everything seems so perfect. Missing puzzle pieces finally solved.

However, the King that rules the kingdom is furious and insecure. All love to just work on the farm, nobody wants inside of his house. His release is always solved. Like today, he pushes his rage to his one loyal follower, the jester.

The words that are thrown to him cut his heart into pieces. He let his tears continuously flow inside and he keeps his smile on the outside. The jester keeps jumping around, speaking his jokes, loud, but the King knows no fun. He only knows how to kill.

The King thinks the jester is a very, very happy one and he hates it. “You, stupid jester, you have no place here. You are different, you’re not welcome here. People like you should die.” And the jester just laughs. He turns around and whisper to his self, “Kings like you should be buried alive,” before looking into the King’s eyes. “You’ll need me one day, my King!”

“Never!” The King exclaims and the jester hysterically laughs even if his insides are slowly dying.


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