Cold Receipts

He was running in the forest, the leaves were snapping beneath his bare feet. His breathing was ragged and sweat poured out from his skin. He kept on running with no specific place to go. He brushed away the branches of green leaves as he ran. He momentarily tripped, but gained his balance fast.

A hiss erupted near him and he tried to increase his pace. He found a large tree at a distance and made his way there. He hid behind it, trying to block the noise of his breathing.

He waited for minutes. He tilted his head, trying to listen to the sounds around him. The rustling of leaves, the chirping of the birds and the breeze of the winds. No hiss. He exhaled as he closed his eyes and a small smile crept up to his mouth.

He suddenly stood up and then he felt the pain. He shouted as thick, red blood poured out of the side of his neck. His pupils were slowly turning to white and blood was oozing out of his mouth. He collapsed on the ground and it welcomed him into its arms.

The snake coiled around his body and bit his face. Its inside was filled with rage. It tightened its body around him until it was sure he was no longer breathing.

He triggered something he shouldn’t. He didn’t stop even if he knew he should have. As the snake followed him, icy receipts trailed behind him, including cold soils and dead leaves.


let me hold your words before you leave;

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