Sleep Well (Daily Prompt)

“Tell us about a time you made a false assumption about a person or a place — how did they prove you wrong?
(Thanks, Christian Thomas Golden, for suggesting this prompt!)” – Daily Prompt

“You really are a warm person.” I smile at her and she returns it. “There’s something about you that’s very hidden, but you always block it with your charm. I like it. No, change it. I love it.”

Her eyes gleam with happiness. “Why, thank you!” She stands up from her seat and hugs me. I chuckle and hug her back.

The evening is quite sad. The park’s only light is the illumination of the moon’s beauty. The chirping of the crickets provides lethal sound.

“Thank you for that.” She whispers.

Even if she can’t see it, I furrow my brows. “Why is that?”

She touches her forehead with mine and smile. “You’re the first one who has said that to me. Thank you. I promise I’ll keep it. It’s time for you to know me, I guess.” Her final smile is different than usual.

A pain inflicts at my side and I yelp. I clutch her shoulders and she laughs loud. I fall on my knees and touch my left side. Thick, red blood pours out of my side as I pull out the kitchen knife. It lands on the grass before me.

“Oh, and one more thing? Sleep well.” She grabs the knife and plunge it in the space between my neck and shoulder. My loud shout rings around the park before I join the darkness that coils around it.


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